About Us


The KUTIPACK enterprise was established on 9th of June 2009,with the multiple experiences in the field of business and its vision of expansion. The KUTIPACK enterprise is evolving the cardboards of all dimensions,shapes and in all other business varieties of the highest quality such as:

• Food packing(boxes for pizza,boxes for baklava,boxes for peanuts etc)
• Meat packing(boxes for sausages,parizers,sauces etc)
• Clothes packing(boxes for shoes,clothes etc)
• Furniture packing(kitchen,chairs,desks packagings etc).

The KUTIPACK enterprise is the only on "Proccessing of cardboards" in the Republic of Kosovo, Licensed with ISO 9001:2008 Menagment Quality-UKAS,England.

The KUTIPACK has been offering these kind of cardboards:
E - wave :
* Testliner-Fluting-Testliner(Kaft-Kaft),
* Whitetestliner-Fluting-Testliner(white-brown),
B or C wave
* Testliner-Fluting-Testliner(Kaft-Kaft),
* Whitetestliner-Fluting-Testliner(white-brown),
EB - wave:
* Testliner-Fluting-Testliner(Kaft-Kaft),
* Whitetestliner-Fluting-Testliner(white-brown).

The KUTIPACK is doing the transportation of the goods to your destination within and out of Republic of Kosovo.

Reliability,Quality and Reasonable prices at US !